Cigars Honduras

Honduras Cigars
Honduras is located between Guatemala and Nicaragua and produces a lot of high quality cigars. Already the Mayans were concerned with the cultivation of tobacco. The climate and soil make it possible to cultivate high-quality cigars, which is often aromatic. The center of the cigar industry is located around the town of Danli, east of the city of Tegucigalpa.
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Honduras Cigars

Honduras cigars

Honduras is known for its high quality tobacco and some world-famous premium cigars are rolled here. Even the Mayans had a tobacco culture and with the Cuban immigrants in 1960, increased the knowledge and quality of Honduras cigars on strong.

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Honduras is known for its high tobacco quality, because the climate and the soil offer ideal conditions. The tobacco from this country is known for great aroma diversity. The range extends from filigree aromas, to powerful notes, which is also appreciated by experienced Aficionados.

Although the Mayans were already dealing with tobacco, the country made a big leap in the quality and production of cigars only in the 1960s. This was due to the Cuban immigrants who came to Honduras after the revolution. They brought knowledge, tobacco and experience, which greatly improves the quality of the Honduran cigars. We are constantly expanding our assortment of Honduran cigars. If you miss your favorite cigar, please contact us.

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